Kele Precision Manufacturing manufactures interchangeable NTC thermistors with a wide variety of resistance curves. We also provide RTDs and thermocouples for those applications where they are the best choice. Below you will find detailed information about these types of temperature sensors. Note that any of these devices can be used in any of our standard probe housings or in your custom probe design.

NTC Thermistors

Kele Precision Manufacturing manufactures Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors for use in a wide variety of applications. The resistance of NTC thermistors, which decreases as temperature increases, changes 4-6% for each degree in temperature change, making them an excellent choice for high accuracy applications and where the signal must travel long distances. Thermistors offer very fast response times, and are also small, rugged and interchangeable in the field.


Bare bead or coated chip thermistors are the most commonly used type of NTC thermistor. They are typically placed into a probe or well and sealed in place with an epoxy or similar material. Epoxy coated chip thermistors can be trimmed to the tight accuracy requirements needed for interchangeable thermistors.


RTDs or Resistive Temperature Detectors, are ceramic devices with a thin layer of metal, typically platinum, deposited on one side. They offer the advantage of producing a linear electrical output, which provides for simple signal processing. Although they do not provide as large a signal as thermistors, they are often recommended where accuracy is required over a wide temperature range.

Link to RTD Resistance Temperature Table