Precision Relative Humidity Sensors for OEM Applications


The Precon HS-2000 Series Patented Relative Humidity Sensor sets a new standard in accurate, reliable and economic moisture measurement. Based on capacitive-polymer technology, this socketed device is factory calibrated, eliminating the need for field re-calibration or difficult calibrations in OEM applications. RH measurement is accurate to 2% with excellent stability. Both moisture and temperature outputs are available in analog as well as two digital formats.

This sensor is designed for simple and quick installation, making it ideal for a number of demanding applications. The four-pin connection provides for easy replacement in the field, reducing the overall cost to maintain large or complex systems.


  • Humidity & Temperature Outputs
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Low Cost
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Accurate to ± 2%
  • Field Replaceable
  • Good Stability
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance


HS-2000VData Sheet Link
Relative Humidity Sensor with linear analog voltage ouputbuy now!

HS-2000DD: Data Sheet Link
Relative Humidity Sensor with single supply voltage and direct digital interface

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HS-2000D: Data Sheet Link
Relative Humidity Sensor with digital output via RS-232 connection

HS-2000D Evaluation Kit:  For use with the HS-2000D; Kit includes a DB-9 connector pre-wired to a 4 pin connector, serial cable and software CD. (Sensor sold separately)

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Serial to USB adapter with cable:  Datasheet Link

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Custom Products

Kele Precision Manufacturing can design and manufacture custom temperature and humidity probes for the most demanding applications, including OEM and Industrial, at very competitive cost. Call us or e-mail your requirements and we’ll provide a recommendation and quotation in 24 hours or less.