Kele Precision Manufacturing offers a wide range of probes and assemblies to meet the requirements of most any environment. In addition to our line of standard products, we also can build a custom probe to meet the specific requirements of an OEM application.

Features and Capabilities

Kele Precision Manufacturing manufactures its own Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors for use in a wide variety of applications. The resistance of NTC thermistors, which decreases as temperature increases, changes 4-6% for each degree in temperature change, making them an excellent choice for high accuracy applications and where the signal must travel long distances. Thermistors offer very fast response times, and are also small, rugged and interchangeable in the field.

Probe Styles

A variety of probe styles and sizes are available and can be matched to fittings and enclosures

Probe Materials

Most of our probes are built with stainless steel housings. We also offer other material such as:

Brass • Copper • Aluminum • Titanium

Probe Fillers

Our standard filler is a two-part epoxy system that provides good response time with excellent protection from moisture, thermal excursions and other environmental conditions. We also offer fillers with very high thermal conductivity to maximize the sensor response time and fillers to meet UL and other special requirements. Contact Precon for additional information.

Connectors and Conductors

Many of our products use a 24 gauge stranded zip cord cable for maximum conductivity and strength. In addition, any number of common connectors can be crimped or soldered to the wire, or the wire ends can be tinned for quick and easy connection.

Wire Size: 22 to 6 gauge
Wire Insulation: Vinyl, PTFE, braided and others

Connector Options: Amp, York, Fastron, and many others; strip-and-tin or strip-and-hold

Mini Temperature

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