Kele Precision Manufacturing (KPM) has a long history of building high-quality sensing products. The company was founded as Precon in 1967 as a supplier of temperature sensing products for the building automation market. In 1988, Kele Inc., a leading international supplier with the widest selection of commercial HVAC and building automation interface products in the industry, acquired Precon and its manufacturing operations.

For over 40 years, Precon has been a trusted name brand in thermistor and RTD-based sensor manufacturing and over the years has grown and expanded into other industries and other product lines. With the addition of humidity products, printed circuit boards, controllers, and custom control panels, the company was renamed Kele Precision Manufacturing in 2011 to more accurately reflect the breadth of products manufactured.

Kele Precision Manufacturing continues to maintain the same high quality standards across the breadth of their product lines that customers came to rely on from Precon. The company remains ISO compliant and continues to offer a full line of products that are made in the USA. With dedicated in-house design engineering expertise and a broad base of manufacturing experience, Kele Precision Manufacturing can meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries.

Applications for our products include a wide variety of OEM applications such as building automation, pool and spa heaters, food processing equipment, server room monitoring, and other industrial and commercial equipment. By utilizing our extensive sensor technology and manufacturing experience, our application engineers can support the design of custom products for the most demanding applications. Contact us by phone at (901) 388-9137 or by